Are you a Goal Getter?!

Are you a Goal Getter?!

   Setting a goal is more than jotting a note down on a sticky note or adding it to your notes on your phone! Goal setting allows you to accomplish bigger results in less time. On top of that you can reduce stress and the feeling of being overwhelmed. It helps you increase your time management, enhance your decision making skills, improve your focus, and develop stronger productivity skills. Essentially, you take your long-term vision and break it into short term measurable goals. This will help you narrow down your focus for each day making it easier to reach those goals! 

Some reasons why you may struggle with goal setting... 
  • You don’t set any deadlines for your goals
  • Your goals are not realistic 
  • Your goals are not measurable 

Let’s talk about two effective ways you can change this! I think using both systems together can make a big difference.

S.M.A.R.T Goals 

S- Specific: General goals are just a dream. You must be specific so that you can stay clear and focused on the goal.

M- Measurable: The outcome of the goal must be measurable, either a number or an event.

A- Achievable: Many people don't accomplish their goals because they are so focused on the end result they don't consider what it actually takes. This is where you take your vision and break it into short term goals.

R-Realistic: I know people say nothing is impossible (and this can be true) but for the time you allow to accomplish this goal make sure it is possible. 

T- Timely: There must be a specific deadline attached to your SMART goals.  Whether this is 7 days, a month or 90 days.

Creating S.M.A.R.T goals provides you with direction, focus, and motivation. It clarifies what matters to you the most and provides a clear and measurable road map to success. You literally are tracking your progress from start to finish. Now let’s dive into the second system.

The 3 W’s of Goal Setting
  • Waypower- This is the plan to get you there. The first step is to come up with a step by step plan to achieve your goal. This is your roadmap. When you find roadblocks along the way, don’t change the goal. You may just need to adjust your route or create an adjusted action plan.
  • Willpower- This is the motivation and energy it will take to get you to your goal. Come up with a list of ways to motivate yourself to reach this goal. Write this list down and look at it everyday. You can use a notebook, a planner, etc. Focus on the feeling. How will you feel once you reach your goal? If you want to accomplish your  goal, you will need to stay motivated. 
  • WhyPower- This is your why! Know why you want to achieve your goal. Do not lose sight of why you want this so badly. Keep it in mind when you are crushing those goals as well as when it is not so easy. Refer back to your motivation list and stay focused! 

    Now that you have more insight into goal planning it’s time to take action. Get out your notebook or planner and begin mapping out your vision. StickWithCatie has created a monthly goals kit (Each month will have a new theme) to help you stay motivated and creative! Click the link below to check it out! 

    Monthly Goals Kit

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