Improving Your Productivity with Focus

Improving Your Productivity with Focus

Struggling to Stay Focused?

We wake up every morning and get our day started knowing everything we need to accomplish. We write to do lists, fill in our calendars and planners, and set reminders on our phones. Yet, when the day comes to an end we still have multiple things to get done. We spend more time than we think on social media, finding everything to do but the things we actually need to do, and in return we aren’t accomplishing our goals. Distractions are everywhere and something as simple as a phone dinging can throw your focus off.  Focus is like a mental muscle, it needs to be trained to work at its best. There are numerous practices that you can add into your daily routine to get that muscle where you need it to be. 

Busy Vs. Productive 

Typically when you are “busy” you have multiple tasks open, no free time, and trying to complete those 100 tasks at once. You struggle delegating. You say yes even if you don’t have the time. You're a multitasker who starts all of the projects but can never seem to finish them on time. However, when you are productive you can easily say no to a task so that you can prioritize the tasks that are important. You delegate tasks easily so you can focus on bigger tasks and you are fueled by purpose rather than perfection. We don’t want to be busy because it “looks good”, we want to be productive because it feels good to accomplish goals!

 Tips and Trick to Increase Focus

  • Recreate your morning routine

You have to be intentional with the way you start your day! Your routine sets the tone for the day, helps you see what needs to be done that day, and allows you to be in full control of your schedule so that the day does not control you. Take some time in the morning (30 min to an hour) for yourself. This is not a time for you to scroll social media. Instead try meditating, journaling, reading self help books, listen to a personal growth podcast, or take some time for spiritual growth. The goal is to center yourself while developing a positive mindset and building on your focus before you start your regular daily routine. The best part is your creating the routine you want with the things you love to do!

  • Preplan Your Day
  • There is nothing worse than waking up and not having direction for your day. Take some time the night before to plan the day ahead. Consider tasks that were left undone that day as well as any upcoming deadlines. That way when you wake up the next day you know exactly how your day needs to go. This helps keep you in control of your day while also keeping you on task.

  • Eliminate Distractions 
  •  Distractions can be as simple as a radio in the background, social media, or even a coworker who won’t stop talking. Distractions can also be exhaustion, anxiety, lack of motivation, etc. If you suffer from external distractions you can try putting your phone on “do not disturb” and using the focus feature so that you're not constantly interrupted. You can also put up a sign on your door or find a space that is more quiet to work. If you struggle more with internal distractions, it may be helpful to make sure you are well rested. You can also make sure you keep positive thoughts and consistently repeat your affirmations. 

  • Take A Short Break
  • After a while, focusing on a task for an extended amount of time becomes harder and harder. You can;t stay focused and you need a break! Take a 10-15 minute break just as you would at work, but make sure you come back and finish the task at hand. You can also try using a timer for tasks, give yourself a certain amount of time for the task and once time is up it’s time to move on to the next task. 


    Now that you have more insight into improving your focus, it’s time to take action! Get out your notebook or planner and create that daily routine that will increase your focus and productivity. StickWithCatie is releasing our “Live In the Moment” release this Friday, March 3rd that is filled with quotes, affirmations, and even journaling prompts that will remind you to stay focused or refocus. 


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