Shifting to a more positive mindset & attitude

Shifting to a more positive mindset & attitude

What it means to have a positive mindset & attitude

To think positively you have to approach life’s challenges with a positive outlook. It is easy to celebrate wins but it becomes difficult to remain positive when faced with negative situations. It does not mean ignoring or avoiding the bad things, but making the most of those situations. This can also apply to how you see yourself as well as others. 


What does this look like?

Now that you know what it means to have a positive mindset/attitude, here are 5 characteristics and traits that you can practice daily to help with improving your mindset.
  • Optimism 
Being optimistic is different from being positive. Optimistic people accept reality and look forward to a brighter future. They do not dwell in negativity. 
  • Acceptance
Understanding that things are not always perfect and learning from your mistakes.
  • Resilience
The ability to bounce back from whatever. Not giving up because of  disappointment, failure, etc.
  • Gratitude
Practicing gratitude helps you focus more on the positive. Instead of feeling negative, you focus on what you have and what you've achieved. This increases mood as well as trains your mind to always find the positive.
  • Mindfulness
Mindfulness is focusing on the now and being in the present. Notice when your mind has drifted to thinking and bring your awareness to the present. Focus on something more positive. Remember, you must be intentional while shifting your attention.
How do I incorporate this into planning?
  • Monthly Planning: You can use your calendar to track your mood. Each day after you record your mood, create a plan to make the next day better and remember to practice mindfulness.
  • Weekly Planning: Use an inspirational quote or scripture on your spread to reference when you’re feeling down or need to shift your mindset. 
  • Daily Planning: Use an affirmation sticker each day so throughout your day you can constantly remind yourself what it is you are trying to affirm. It is also good to read an affirmation each morning before starting your day to begin in such a positive mood!
  • Journaling: When you journal make sure you reflect on your actions and reactions! See how you could have reacted more positively or how you could have solved a problem differently. Learn from your mistakes and incorporate what you learn in your everyday routine!
What does StickWithCatie offer to help you plan and shift to a more positive mindset/lifestyle?
  • Affirmations! And plenty of variations! We love to include affirmations in anything we do. To create the life you want, you have to first know what it is you want. Having affirmations helps speak life into those goals and dreams!
  • Inspirational Scripts! Sometimes it’s hard to bounce back from things but a simple inspirational quote can help you shift and let go of all the negativity. 
  • Journaling Kits! Our journaling kits are the perfect mix of functional and decorative. They have affirmations, inspiration, and even a journal prompt. 
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